About Our President

James Bean, President

My first recollection of being in a plastic Injection molding factory was keeping my father company when he had to work through the night. He had started a company named -Mark Industries – and I worked on and off for him from a very young age. Mark Industries came to specialize in the production of lipstick cases. After college, I worked at Mark Industries as a production engineer. In 1983, the company was sold to Emson Research and I was hired as its General Manager. Over the next three years sales tripled at Mark under my leadership.

I then decided to become an independent consultant for plastics cosmetic packaging companies. One of the major projects I worked on during this period involved troubleshooting and redesigning the lipstick product lines for Lima Plastics of Linden, New Jersey.

In 1989 I decided to move back into manufacturing and incorporated my own company – Quest Plastics – as a custom molding operation. I have been the President and CEO of Quest since then.